Translation price

The prices of our services are more than reasonable, and the quality is guaranteed. If you want to know the price for the translation, please send your inquiry to this e-mail: or or call us directly to +385 98 179 0311 during the office hours from 8:00 to 18:00. Your inquiry should include your name, company name (legal person), address, e-mail address, phone number, and what kind of services you are interested in (translation, editing, proof-reading, graphic design, inserting photos, prepress etc). If you are sending a translation inquiry, please attach the text you wish to translate to your e-mail. We are always ready to quickly respond to your every request and we can deliver a quality service at the desired time.

The accounting unit of the translation of the text is 1 card that contains 1450 characters with spaces. For our overseas customers, we calculate the cost of translation per word. Translation price is determined depending on the text difficulty, language combination and delivery deadline, therefore the language combination is taken into consideration for each translation (Croatian => foreign language, foreign language => Croatian, foreign language => foreign language ), translation type (technical, medical, legal, etc ...), the amount of text and delivery deadline.

In case of the texts with a bigger number of cards, we offer discounts on request.

VAT is charged on prices, unless the customer is abroad, i.e. in case of payments from abroad and if the Law on Value Added Taxes specifies otherwise. All services are to paid upon delivery or in accordance with maturity date specified in the contract on business co-operation, if the same is closed, or on the inovice.