We offer quality and proof-read translations, in the spirit of the language (FROM ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, GERMAN, PORTUGUESE, CZECH, POLISH AND SPANISH LANGUAGES INTO CROATIAN AND VICE VERSA) and respecting the agreed deadlines. We have a long-term experience in translating marketing texts, texts from the fields of medicine and constructions, websites, accounting and bank annual reports, catalogues, texts, technical and tender documents, estimate of costs, travel guides, legal contracts, founding documents and other documents for the establishment of companies, economic texts, fiction and PR texts. Proof-reading of translation work is always done by native speakers.

Each translation goes through several stages of the translation process, and first through the phase of ordering the translation which is done via e-mail, mail or in person. After an agreement on the price and set up of delivery terms, the texts are being translated by our professional translators. After completing the translation, the translation is thoroughly reviewed by the translator, and then is further examined by a revisor or a proofreader. For each translation we guarantee this additional check carried out by proof-readers or revisors in order to ensure the best quality of the translation and satisfaction of our clients. At the end, the text is graphically edited to look as close to the original text.

Each text is further checked by the translator in charge of managing the project who takes care of the terminology consistency in the text. For better translation consistency, the texts of regular clients are always translated by the same translators, and the translation software memory tools (IdiomServer, Trados, Wordfast etc.) which are used by Editio Lingua ensure the quality usage of professional terminology. We guarantee that the professional terminology of your company will be solely used in translation (at your request and with your co-operation, we will create a dictionary of specific terms that you use in your company).

We also offer translation services with court interpreter certification for ENGLISH AND SPANISH LANGUAGES. A court interpreter appointed by the relevant County court in the Republic of Croatia certifies with his/her signature and seal that the translated text completly corresponds to the original text.

The translated text is delivered by e-mail, fax, post or by delivery, or it can be picked up at our office.
We commit ourselves to protect the privacy of all our customers, and all data available to our translators will be available only to them and strictly guarded.